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Project Title:

Evaluation of outdoor applications of insecticide baits as alternative management tactics for peridomestic nuisance cockroaches

Source: https://npmapestworld.org/resourcecenter/technical-resources/research-updates1/testingcockroachbaits/


Andrew Sutherland, PhD, BCE, University of California Cooperative Extension, Riverside, California

Michael Rust, PhD, University of California, Riverside California

Dong-Hwan Choe, PhD, University of California, Riverside, California

Project Summary:

Peridomestic cockroaches are a challenge for pest management professionals across the country. Pest species such as the Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis) and the Turkestan cockroach (Baltta lateralis) are primarily controlled through the application of periodic insecticide treatments around the target structure’s foundation.  In California, as well as other parts of the country, pyrethroid insecticides are under scrutiny, so alternatives are needed to supplement the pest management professional’s tool box.  Integrated pest management programs using all available tools and approaches (sanitation, exclusion, baits, traditional insecticides) are generally the best approach to achieve long term control.  This project, spearheaded by Dr. Andrew Sutherland, takes a close look at the existing tools and focuses attention on cockroach baits intended to control peridomestic roaches on the exterior of structures by examining the efficacy of selected cockroach baits in the laboratory under “simulated field” conditions (hot, dry and dusty). In addition, long term, in-field trials at multiple sites will be performed to challenge existing cockroach populations using novel bait application techniques without traditional insecticides. Ultimately, this information will be used to help pest management professionals develop better exterior control protocols for managing peridomestic cockroaches.

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