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Pest Control For Pet Owners


Pet owners can face real challenges when it comes to pest control in the home. There is often a Catch 22 situation, whereby pets attract ticks, fleas, or other insects, but then prevent the use of harsh chemicals to treat the bugs.

Luckily, there are many effective pest control methods that are safe for humans and pets alike – it’s just a matter of finding the right solution for you! Read on for three ways pet owners can prevent pests from infiltrating their home while simultaneously keeping pets healthy and safe.

Keep an Eye Out

Many of the pests that dogs, cats, and other typical pets bring into the home are visible to the naked eye. After a long walk or outdoor play time, give your pet a thorough check for fleas, ticks, or other small bugs. Prevention is key! If you suspect your pet may have tracked in unwanted insects, call a pest control company to deal with the problem immediately. Notify them that you do have a pet to ensure all solutions are non-toxic to larger animals. The sooner you treat the issue, the easier it is to rid your home of bugs.

Classic Pest Treatments

Sometimes, the older, traditional approaches to pest control are a more pet-friendly way to combat pests in the household. For example, traps might be a better option than poisonous bait. While cats and dogs can mistakenly consume bait set out to eliminate rodents or bugs without necessarily falling ill, it can be harmful in some cases and it is never a good idea for them to ingest these substances. Instead, the more traditional traps are safer to have around the home because a family pet is unlikely to hurt itself.

Pet-friendly Solutions

Always follow the directions on the label when it comes to spraying insecticides and don’t let your pet into the treated area or near the substance until any danger has subsided. There are numerous organic and non-toxic pest control solutions to choose from these days, but it is usually smart to keep pets away from the treatment area for at least some period of time. Even if it does not pose a direct threat to their health, pets can disrupt the chemicals from working and prevent the problem from being successfully resolved.

Living with pets does not mean you have to live with pests! Most pest control companies like Moxie offer solutions that are safe for humans and Fido, while still successfully solving the problem at hand.

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