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3 Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home


Of all the creepy crawlies out there, which one is mostly likely to send shivers down your spine? Ants? Roaches? Maybe spiders?

In the beloved children’s book Charlotte’s Web, Wilber’s eight-legged friend humanizes spiders by making them seem creative, kind, and selfless, like herself. Though spiders do have a number of positive attributes, they are almost always considered unwanted houseguests when they turn up in your home.

So You Think You’ve Got a Problem…

If you’ve got spiders and don’t know how to manage the problem, it’s always a good idea to contact a professional pest control company to kick these critters to the curb. If you prefer to tackle the insects yourself, read on for three DIY tips.

Take Action!

1. First, seal off potential entry points in your home. Inspect doors, windows, and any cracks or crevices you see in the walls and tackle those areas. It’s a good idea to install doorsweeps if you don’t already have them in place and make sure every window has a screen as an extra barrier of protection.

2. Next, stop webs from forming by dusting regularly and keeping rooms tidy. Without clutter, it’s difficult for spiders to build webs to trap their prey.

3. Finally, reduce bright lights like porch lights or motion sensor beams you might have near the entryway to your home to decrease the number of other pests that spiders prey on. If you minimize food options for spiders, they will often move on in search of  bugs to prey on elsewhere.

There are numerous ways to make your home less attractive to spiders, but it’s a good idea to remember that if you have a spider problem, first and foremost you likely have a pest problem. Spiders are predatory insects that feed off of other pests – like ants, flies, and mosquitos, so if you spot spiders, they’re probably just hanging around your home for the free buffet.

Call in the Pros!

If you want to rid your home of spiders, it’s not impossible. Try hiring a pest control company to eliminate the spiders’ food source first, and then proceed from there. These do-it-yourself tips are usually an effective way to minimize a spider problem, but if you don’t see success on your own, pest management specialists like Moxie can solve the issue with more targeted treatment options.

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