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Keep Your Home Pest Free This Winter


It’s time to face the cold, hard facts. Winter is here. That means seasonal pests like rodents will do their very best to find warm places to nest by infiltrating homes. Studies show that 25% of pest control complaints in the winter months come from homeowners complaining of vermin in their homes. In some cases, it can be quite difficult to prevent an infestation once mice have moved in, but read on for five ways to keep your home free from pests during the holiday season and beyond.

Be proactive

Don’t assume that being pest-free in the past means you’ll be safe from unwanted guests this year. Check around the perimeter of your home for any small cracks or openings. Inspect doors and windows and ensure that everything seals up tight. Pay extra attention in the basement and attic where dirt, dusty objects, and shadowy corners offer rodents hiding spots.

Keep the house clean

Messy rooms provide plenty of hiding areas for small rodents. While it’s true that even the cleanest house can fall prey to a bug or vermin infestation, messier homes offer pests more places to nest. A spotless room offers rodents far fewer nooks and crannies to hide in compared to one with junk on the floor.

Take out the trash

All leftover food should immediately be wrapped up and put in the fridge or thrown in the trash. Make sure all trashcans have lids that seal tight to prevent mice from gaining access to food. Additionally, make sure all trashcans are at least a foot tall. Mice can only jump about twelve inches off the ground so the higher the garbage bin, the less likely rodents will be able to scrounge.

Keep these three tips in mind and hopefully rodents can be kept at bay during the winter months. If you suspect pests have already entered your home, call a reliablepest control company like Moxie to handle the problem.

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