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Choose Wisely


It kind of sounds a little like science fiction, but did you know that insects adapt and build up resistance to pest control treatments?  I remember as a kid we had a squirrel die in our chimney; and before we knew it, we had flies swarming our house.  Obviously, we quickly removed the squirrel, but those flies remained.  We kept trying to kill them with sprays, but they only multiplied and actually physically seemed to be getting bigger.  Now, I don’t know how much of that is my memory exaggerating things, but it is definitely true that a pest can build up a tolerance to the treatments you’re using, making your attempts at eliminating them useless.

This is only one of the many reasons it is important to have a pest control company committed to staying informed and constantly researching the latest developments in treatments and extermination techniques.  As with any industry, pest control is constantly changing, and Green Pest NC is committed to staying educated on all the recent innovations and advances in treatments.  We are dedicated to the training and education of all our staff on these advancing techniques.

Another way we show our commitment to staying ahead of the game is by our thorough treatments tailored individually to our customer’s unique needs.  Not every house is the same when it comes to their problems and solutions, so we never use “out of the box” treatments.  Green Pest NC staff will do an analysis of your home, listen to your needs, and apply remedies that work specifically for you.  Our goal is to protect our client’s homes, while fitting into their daily routines and accommodating their lifestyles.

Now, as we all know, in a customer service industry it takes more than just knowledge to win over customers.  Have you ever taken your phone in to be repaired, and the technician could tell you exactly what was wrong, but his rude remarks made you want to walk out of the store and throw your phone in the trash?  The same is true in reverse, too.  A salesman could be as nice to you as your best friend, but if he’s not able to answer all the questions you have, you won’t buy what he’s selling.  Good customer service is found in being able to provide your customers with a friendly face who can meet your needs, and Green Pest NC understands this and demonstrates this with all our clients.

What really makes the Green Pest NC difference is, in addition to all this, all of our services are guaranteed.  We keep coming back until your problem is solved – with no additional charges.  With that kind of service promise, along with staff who know what they’re doing and are happy to be helping, your mutant flies don’t stand a chance.  Give Green Pest NC a call today and find out what others already have and loved – the Green Pest NC difference!

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